Understanding What Bankruptcy Really Means

Stop Your Wage Garnishment With Legal Help

Wage garnishments always result from court orders, so stopping them is a challenging task. When the court orders a garnishment, your employer must comply by withholding money from your paycheck. It's vital to know your employer must do this and can't stop without a court order. So if you want to stop a garnishment, you'll need legal help.

Understand the purpose of wage garnishments

The first thing to understand is why courts use wage garnishments. Courts use them to help people collect the money you owe. You might have them for unpaid child support or student loans, but you can also have them for credit card balances or taxes. In all cases, your creditors must ask for garnishments, and you have no control over them. Your employer must follow the court's orders for garnishing your wages and can't stop until they receive a notification that alerts them to stop. In other words, you're stuck paying this debt out of your paycheck until you receive a legal order to stop it.

Seek legal help

The best thing you can do is to seek legal help for your garnishment. You can look for a lawyer that offers these services, and you might want to start with a bankruptcy lawyer. You'll need legal help to address this issue.

Learn your options

Meeting with a lawyer helps you learn your options. The first thing a lawyer might ask is if the debt is legitimate. In other words, do you owe the money? In some cases, people might believe that the debt isn't legitimate. They believe they don't owe the money. In other cases, the debt might be real, but the person might not be able to afford it.

A lawyer can help you stop garnishment in several ways. First, they might fight the debt through court, proving you don't owe the money. Another option is to file for bankruptcy, as this stops most garnishments. Your lawyer can explain every option to consider and will suggest the best one for your situation.

Contact a law firm today to seek help in stopping wage garnishment

Stopping wage garnishment requires legal help. Therefore, you must hire a lawyer specializing in wage garnishments and bankruptcy if you want to stop your garnishments. You can search for one in your area to hire. You can also schedule a consultation with a lawyer to learn more about your options for stopping your wage garnishment. 

For more info about stop garnishment legal help services, contact a local company. 

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