Understanding What Bankruptcy Really Means

Should You File For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?

Did you know that you can complete most legal procedures and activities without a lawyer? People choose this route to save money, but it is not always the best option. When you use a lawyer, you have someone assisting you with the process, and this person knows what they are doing. Here are some of the problems you might encounter by filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer.

No Legal Advice

One of the main challenges you will face when filing for bankruptcy yourself is the lack of legal advice. If you do not hire a lawyer, who will give you the legal counsel you need? Where will you turn for answers? The bankruptcy filing process is quite involved. You must complete many steps when using bankruptcy, and you cannot skip any of them. If you file for bankruptcy, you will have questions and need advice, which is one of the reasons you need an attorney assisting you with your filing.

You Might Face Problems with the Paperwork and Documents

Secondly, when you file for bankruptcy, you must fill out all the correct documents and paperwork. You must also provide the court with all the documents they need for your case. If you forget to fill something out or turn in a document, the court might dismiss your case. You might also suffer problems by failing to provide all the right information, such as a lack of discharge on a debt that qualifies.

File the Wrong Branch

The next issue you might face is filing the wrong branch. If you do not have a lawyer advising you, how will you know which branch to use? Many people face questions and concerns when choosing a branch to file, but they generally follow their attorney's advice.

You Could Forget to Complete Steps

The final problem you might face is forgetting to complete the necessary steps required in the process. One of the required steps is completing two credit counseling courses. If you do not complete these, the court might toss your case out for this reason. They might also dismiss your case if you fail to show up to your scheduled court hearings, as this is also a requirement of bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy is not something to take lightly. It is a major legal event that requires the help of an attorney. If you would like more information about working with a bankruptcy attorney, contact a bankruptcy law firm today.

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Understanding What Bankruptcy Really Means

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